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TMJ/TMD Therapy in Venice

Why Choose Tarpon Shores Dental For TMJ/TMD Therapy?

Animation of damaged tooth

Everything from a stiff and sore jaw to chronic headaches, earaches, and even neck and shoulder pain can be caused by a strained or injured TMJ. What is the TMJ? It is actually the name of the joint for your lower jaw, and you can feel it by placing your fingers right in front of your earlobes. Trouble with this joint (called a TMJ disorder or TMD) can cause muscle tension in the face that radiates throughout the body, leading to several, seemingly unrelated symptoms. If you’re dealing with any persistent pain in your jaw, head, or neck, Tarpon Shores Dental is able to help, so call us today to start getting the relief you need.

The Causes of TMD

X-ray of jaw and skull bone

There are multiple known causes of TMD, and the most prevalent tend to be:

The Symptoms of TMD

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How We Can Help with TMD

Dr. Thompson helping patient

TMD is very treatable, and the approaches we use here at Tarpon Shores Dental are all non-invasive. After determining the root cause of a patient’s TMD, we’ll recommend one of the following treatments:

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